Grease Separators

Grease is normally very harmful in piping and grey water holding tanks, causing deposits and unpleasant odours.  It also causes problems in sewage treatment plants.  Grease can be separated from water with a grease separator. 

Evac grease separators are designed to separate grease from galley waste water in marine use.  The Evac grease separator product range consists of three product families:

• Standard grease separators, constructed according to DIN 4040-1 with some marine modifications
• Grease separator systems
• Grease separators for vacuum systems


When grey waste water flows through a grease separator, the grease is separated from the water by gravity.  Both manually operated standard grease separators and custom made automatic grease separators are available. 

In the manually operated standard grease separators the grease is discharged manually via a manhole.  Sludge is discharged via a discharge connection, either by gravity or by using a discharge pump. 

Customised automatic grease separators are equipped with a discharge pump and one or more heating elements.  The collected grease (and sludge) is discharged by the pump, which can be started manually or automatically.  The operation and automation can be planned according to the customer’s requirements.

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